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Brian Wilson Has An Official Website Now – And It’s A Win.

By Bryan Rose

You know, if you sit down and think about it – you’ll come up with quite a few questions that don’t have answers.

Example, you ask? Gladly.

Why does the Easter Bunny have eggs? Did he steal them? Rabbits don’t lay eggs – at least, I hope not. Hemorrhoids to the max.

Why is Charlie short for Charles when they have the same amount of letters?

Why don’t they make root bear flavored ice cream? You have purple potato ice cream, but not root bear? Clearly, somebody is trying to fuck with me.

And last, but most importantly, why didn’t Brian Wilson have his own website!?

So while I might not have the answers (okay, I do have the answers, but it’s cause I’m magical and you’re not) to the first three questions, I do have some good news regarding the fourth. The Weez does have his own official website now – and it’s pretty kick ass, to be blunt. No, not that kind Mr. Sheen.

There is even a store, but, it’s currently empty. Not a win.

Personally, I’m hoping it’s soon to be stocked with Machine gimp wear. I do love my ass-less chaps.