SF Giants News

Four Days Until Spring Training Games Begin

By Melissa Felkins

Four. More. Days. Keep saying it. It will help with the withdrawals.

Only four days until the Giants kick off their Spring Training. February 25th we take on the Arizona Diamondbacks, followed by the Los Angeles Dodgers on February 26th. Heading into the spring games there is one thing Manager Bruce Bochy wants us to do according to a post on their website yesterday–have an open mind.

It looks like left field is going to be up for grabs between Pat Burrell and Mark DeRosa. If Brandon Belt gets the call up at any point, that would also throw Aubrey Huff into the mix. I am excited to see how it all looks once they start playing.

As for the coming up games, according to Diamondbacks blog Venom Strikes, the team has added some new players to their mix this season. I still don’t see any real threats coming out of the Diamondbacks just yet.

And the hated Dodgers? Well, at this point let’s just say I’m definitely interested in seeing the first pitch to very recent former Giant, Juan Uribe. Not that I think any of our pitchers would take a shot at him, but seeing him officially in a Dodgers uniform will definitely sting a little more. I foresee the old UUUUUUUUU–RIBE chants turning into BOOOOOOO–RIBE very quickly.

In other news, Pablo officially has dropped 38 lbs and in case you missed it it here early, Brian Wilson was hanging out with Charlie Sheen, Mr. Wild Thing himself, this weekend.

It’s true. Only four days to go.