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Fansided’s NL West Offensive/Defensive Roster Released

By Bryan Rose

As you’ll recall, a few weeks ago I informed readers that we here at Frisco Fastball would be joining forces with rival teams in the division and coming up with the best overall roster from the NL West to compete in a FanSided royal rumble versus opposing divisions.

After a few black eyes, broken legs, and a couple whoopie cushion moments, all of the NL Western division foes were able to conclude that the following lineup would be the best to pit against the rest of the league:

  • C – Buster Posey
  • 1b – Aubrey Huff
  • 2b – Kelly Johnson
  • 3b – Pablo Sandoval
  • SS – Troy Tulowitzki
  • OF – Carlos Gonzalez
  • OF – Chris Young
  • OF – Andre Ethier

Granted, the NL West lineup isn’t going to send any shock-waves through the AL East, but it’s still a competitive lineup – especially when paired with the NL West pitching staff, which will be releasing in about a week’s time.  I’ll let you know when you can vote for the NL West to bring home the FanSided Championship!