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Bochy – Cody Ross To Bat In The Eighth Slot

By Bryan Rose

And the gates to heaven open.

While Bochy declined to comment on the complete would be batting order during media day, citing questions about Brandon Belt, Pablo Sandoval, etc – he did hint that he expects Cody Ross to bat eighth –  a welcome move to my ears.

Listen, I love Cody as much as the next guy but he’s proven to be a very average hitter over the span of his career when it comes to hitting in the middle of the lineup. That’s not my opinion, it’s scientific fact – or at least baseball fact. In over 300 games, Ross has a career average of .264 in the 6th/7th holes.

On the flip side, Ross has a career line of .339/.395/.652 batting eighth (all be it in only 36 games) and a career line of .292/.361/.538 in the ninth hole. Yes, the averages are a little skewed considering the small sample size, but the sizing is clear enough to show he’s a more effective hitter at the bottom of the order, in my opinion.

In addition to that, Ross has very impressive career numbers with runners in scoring position and generally with runners on the pond, something you’ll need out of an eighth hole hitter. Combined with his solid speed – it seems like Ross in the eight hole will be a beneficial move all around for both club and player.