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FanSided MLB Collobrative Post Project – NL West

By Bryan Rose

Take a whiff, snowflakes. Can you smell that? It’s Spring Training. And in honor of that, every MLB blog on the FanSided network is coming together for a collobrative post effort.

Bloggers from each division will work together to vote on and come up with the most talented roster from their respective divisions and then you, the fans, will get to vote in an all out royal rumble playoff style to determine the most talented division in baseball.

So put away your Colorado Rockies voodoo doll. And make sure you hide your Los Angeles Dongers t-shirt. It’s time to play nice, well, for a couple weeks at least.

The great guys over at Chicken Friars, Roxpile, Venom Strikes, and Lasorda’s Lair will be helping us out the next few weeks, so make sure you head over and say hello – and clean up after yourselves. *hides the TP*