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Jonathan Sanchez Is Cooler Then You. And You Too.

By Bryan Rose

You know, Tim Lincecum might be featured in GQ Magazine. He might also be on the cover of Sports Illustrated. And then, you know, Buster Posey might just be on the cover of ESPN the Magazine and be the poster boy for Under Armour and Eastbay.com – those are the kinda things stardom and a World Championship ring get you.

But, are either of them models? How bout, leather apparel models? I thought not.

Folks, I give to you the exquisite Jonathan Sanchez, wearing a snazzy leather blazer, looking ever so dapper and fly.

Okay, so in all actuality, the shoot took place during the NLDS – but that’s not the point. The point is, Dirty is cooler than me, and that’s hard to do.

Anybody have any info on the Aubrey Huff thong photoshoot?

You can see the rest of Dirty’s shoot at West Coast Leather’s website, with a H/T to the Big League Stew.