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Even Istanbul Hates The Dodgers

By Bryan Rose

A few days ago, DeadSpin (who was ever so gracious to link to Frisco Fastball during the World Series; the money bags are in transport, AJ) had a piece on knock-off American sport team apparel. The blog posting featured a young man wearing a pastel blue/hot pink sweatshirt with a Winnie The Pooh logo above the words, “Dotriot Pistons”. Clearly, somebody is a fan of Pooh Bear, thinks the Detroit Pistons are pooh, a combo of both, or was simply strung out on a few hits of acid. I’m going with the latter, considering the color scheme.

Not to be outdone though, in addition to the acid tripping “Dotriot Pistons” Pooh Bear shirt, I came across this marvel of magesticness:

Even Istanbul knows what’s up.