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San Francisco Giants Spring Training Invites

By Bryan Rose

Spring Training is just over a month away with pitchers and catchers reporting even sooner, so it’s about that time we see whom the Giants have extended a Spring Training invite to. Today, we find out.

According to the Giants official website, the following players have been extended an invite:

Right-handed pitchers: Casey Daigle, Waldis Joaquin, Shane Loux, Guillermo Mota, Felix Romero, Jason Stoffel and Ryan Vogelsong;

Left-handed pitchers: Wilmin Rodriguez, Ryan Verdugo and Matt Yourkin;

Catchers: Tommy Joseph, Hector Sanchez, Chris Stewart and Jackson Williams;

Infielders Brandon Belt, Brandon Crawford, Charles Culberson, Brad Eldred and Nick Noonan;

Outfielders Gary Brown, Terry Evans and Juan Perez.

If the name Ryan Vogelsong looks familiar, that’s because it is. Vogelsong was the key piece in the Pittsburgh Pirates/San Francisco Giants trade that sent Armando Rios and Vogelsong back east in exchange for Jason Schmidt. That worked out pretty good…

In other news, the reports of Panda losing a considerable amount of weight were proven accurate after Pablo Sandoval twitpic’d a photo of himself this weekend. See for yourself, below.