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Early Predictions – Biggest Giants Foe In The NL West For 2011?

By Bryan Rose

The Padres have re-tooled, but clearly downgraded from their small but high quality pieces to a bunch of knock offs.

The Dodgers have spent third world country type money, yet, past Juan Uribe – who the hell else did they sign? Go ahead, I’ll wait…

The Diamondbacks are trying to improve, just like Jay Leno tries to be funny. And hey, they have Kevin Towers now, so, uh, I’m sure he’ll deplete that farm system shortly.

And then we have the Rockies. Those cockroach Rockies, and I say that with the highest amount of respect. I’ve never seen a team come back and avoid death so many times. It’s seriously kinda scary. Like they signed away their baseball life to Lucifer himself or something. I’m pretty sure at some point during the 2011 campaign they’ll come back from 28 down, only to win on an inside the park sacrifice bunt. It’s how they do.

So, it’s still early, but who’s presents the biggest challenge to the Giants repeating as National League West Champions?