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Pablo Sandoval Has Lost Over 17 Pounds Since The World Series

By Bryan Rose

No, the Panda hasn’t borrowed Heath Bell’s Nintendo Wii, but he has apparently lost some weight – actually, a good amount.

Rich Aurilia told Schulman earlier today that the pudgy hot corner looks fantastic and has really come around on the importance of his health:

"“When I saw him he looked great. He really did,” said Aurilia. “I think his mind-set hopefully has changed in a sense that he knows what’s at stake not only for the team but his own individual health and career. That’s where the maturity process has to come, when you as an individual have to decide to do whatever you can to help your team and help yourself.”"

Yes, we heard similar stories out of Camp Panda last off-season, but, it does appear that Pandoval has really taken to heart his struggles from this past year and related much of them to his conditioning, or lack of along with his marital problems that were obviously on his mind.

A rejuvenated Panda would do WONDERS for the Giants this year, so, we can only hope. Keep rockin’, Panda.