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Dodgers Try To Dick Up Giants Season Opener

By Bryan Rose

In a move proposed by ESPN and supported by Major League Baseball, the Giants were to open the 2011 season at home by playing a single home game on March 31st. After that, both teams would go to Los Angeles and play out the as scheduled four game series. This would create a somewhat unheard of five straight versus one ballclub with the reasoning being ESPN wanting to broadcast the Giants home opener (ring ceremony, etc) in their Opening Day game lineup.

The Dodgers said no. So, so much for opening the year at home.

So the revised plan (that MLB is still looking at) would be to have the Giants and Dodgers open the season a day earlier (on March 31st as opposed to April 1st), as this will appease ESPN’s demands to show the Giants opening game in their Opening Day broadcast lineup. It would give the Giants and Dodgers both an off day on April 4th, which was to be the series finale.

Either way, it looks like opening the season at home isn’t going to happen, so, for all those that bought tickets to the April 8th game versus the Cardinals, looks like you’re still in luck for all the festivities.

And all bias aside, the Giants wouldn’t do it for the Dodgers, so, it’s hard to blame the smelly bums.