Buster Posey

SF Giants Magazine Roundup – Posey & ESPN – Lincecum & SI

By Bryan Rose

Being World Series Champions does have some perks. For instance, you don’t really need to pay for dinner at any fine dining establishment in San Francisco. You get a very fancy, expensive ring come Spring. An extra large sum of money is added onto your already absurdly large paycheck. Oh, and you get your face, voice, and likeness plastered over every single thing you can imagine.

The two faces of the Giants franchise, Buster Posey and Tim Lincecum, will both square off this week against each other, for rival companies. How you ask? Simple. The Giants offensive star graced his mug to be on the cover of ESPN The Magazine as part of ESPN’s “Next” feature, a sampling of young high profile stars in each of the major sport leagues.

And while Posey is offering his services to ESPN, the Freak will be providing his to ESPN’s rival competition, Sports Illustrated. Lincecum graves the cover of SI’s year in review issue in a piece namely titled “Ten Athletes Who Provided The Most Memorable Moments Of 2010”.

It’s Posey’s first cover on ESPN Magazine and Lincecum’s second cover on Sports Illustrated, his first coming back in 2008.

No word on if either made centerfold.