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Grading The Giants Off-Season…So Far

By Bryan Rose

Yes, we fully understand the off-season is far from complete. But, judging the comments we’ve seen recently from Sabean and company, chances are, the Giants brass has pretty much washed their hands on the 2010 off-season. Sure, the G-men might add a few more guys on some relatively small deals/minor league contracts, but a big fish is out of the question.

Let’s take a look a the moves since the World Series completed:


  • Re-signed Aubrey Huff to a two year deal
  • Re-signed Mike Fontenot to a one year deal
  • Signed Miguel Tejada to a one year deal
  • Re-signed Pat Burrell to a one year deal
  • Re-signed Guillermo Mota to a minor league contract
  • Re-signed Waldis Joaquin to a minor league contract

Un-Signed/Left Team:

  • Juan Uribe signs a three year deal with Los Angeles
  • Eugenio Velez signs a minor league deal with Los Angeles
  • Chris Ray opted for free agency
  • Edgar Renteria, still undecided

Like we said, it’s still early, and while the Giants don’t have any intentions of bringing in a large name a few more small fish could find their way to the China Basin before it’s all said and done.

However, with that said, how would you rate the Giants 2010 off-season so far? Has it been a success? Not as good as you hoped it would be?! Keep in mind that the Giants payroll increased considerably due to raises/options/etc – so the Giants were already handicapped financially before any player ever signed their name on a dotted line.