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Reneteria Feels Disrespected By Giants Contract Offer

By Bryan Rose

The Giants made a one year, one million dollar offer to the World Series MVP not that long ago – an offer that Renteria apparenly deemed worthy at the time.

Renteria, according to ESPN Deportes, has had quite the change of heart:

"That offer from the Giants was a lack of respect,” said the veteran shortstop. “A total disrespect. To play for a million dollars, I’d rather stay with my private business and share more time with my family. Thank God I’m well off financially and my money is well invested.”"

You’re shitting me, right? Really!? REALLY!?!? Did the Giants not just pay you 18.5 million dollars for two injury filled, shitty sub par seasons?!?! Yes, yes they did. And now you feel disrespected that they even welcomed you back when you really don’t deserve it?!

I’m not sure I even have the words. But I’m sure Ari Gold of Entourage can handle this for me…