SF Giants News

San Francisco Giants Roster News – 12/3

By Bryan Rose

There are some noteworthy news makers today, but none of them require a full blog posting so instead we’ll bullet point you to the nitty gritty…

  • The Giants avoided arbitration with infielder Mike Fontenot and agreed on a one year, 1 million dollar contract. Fontenot will continue his reserve utility role that he had with the Giants last season.
  • Good news out of Arizona where Pablo Sandoval has lost a reported 15 pounds since the World Series ended. Apparently Pablo had quite a reality check and became well aware that he might not open the year on the Giants opening day roster if he didn’t get his act together. So far, so good.
  • When pressed, Giants GM Brian Sabean seemed mildly optimistic about bringing back Edgar Renteria now that Juan Uribe is no longer in the plans. Still a bit iffy on that, but, whatever.
  • If Chris Ray does end up as a Tampa Bay Ray (as was the rumor not too long ago via a Barlett trade), he’ll be doing so by his own choice as the Giants non-tendered Ray yesterday. It’s doubtful he’ll return to the Giants.
  • Speaking of non-tenders, utility ball dropper Eugenio Velez was also non-tendered by the Giants yesterday. Unlike Ray, Velez wasn’t eligible for arbitration so this was simply a move of Sabean no longer wanting Velez on the 40-man roster. I’d also venture to say Velez wont be making a return to the black and orange.
  • And last but not least, contract details emerged about the Pat Burrell signing late yesterday. Pat will earn a very discounted 1 million dollars from the Giants this season with no incentives. Very cool of Pat to return for that price – big up’s to him.