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Giants Sign Miguel Tejada To 1 Year Deal

By Bryan Rose

According to ESPN Deportes, Miguel Tejada has signed a one year deal with the Giants. The deal (which also includes a 500,000 bonus) will be for 6.5 million dollars.

I’m not really sure what to make of this. On one hand, I’m thrilled it’s only a one year deal and Sabes didn’t make one of his notorious odd commitments. On the other hand, it’s still Miguel Tejada.

The options were pretty limited and we don’t really know the asking price for a Bartlett or Hardy, so, we can’t assume the Giants didn’t make attempts. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll luck out and this happens to be a plan B move (considering the small SS market, the Giants wanted to quickly snag up some insurance) and the Giants could still get a Hardy type? And maybe I’ll win the lotto tonight too.

Oh – and one more kick in the nuts? According to the LA Times Dodger blog, the Giants apparently made a last ditch offer to match Uribe’s contract offer from the Dodgers………..to which he declined. FML. Still, that length and money was too much.