SF Giants Rumors

Dodgers Attempting To Pry Uribe From Giants

By Bryan Rose

Those dirty, dirty, filthy bastards from the south are once again attempting to snag an core member of the 2010 Giants squad. After failing to bring Aubrey Huff down south (although they forced the Giants hand into matching the contract offer), the Dodgers are yet again doing their best to upstage their nothern rivals. According to Ken Gurnick of MLB.com/Dodgers.com, the Blue are preparing an offer for Uribe to shore up their infield issues, particullary second base.

The thought of Uribe going “Jazz Hands” in Dodger blue is like walking in on your girlfriend in bed with another guy. Actually, no, it’s not. It’s like walking in on her with 7 guys running a train with zoo animals roaming around the room and zebra crap all over your Buster Posey jersey. Yeah. Just like that.