SF Giants Rumors

Giants “Cautiously Optimistic” About Signing Huff & Uribe

By Bryan Rose

The Giants are certainly in a little bind here. Just ask Jeff Fletcher.

Brandon Belt will most likely be ready for the big leagues at some point during the 2011 campaign – hopefully sooner than later…as in, out of Spring Training. But if he’s not, I’d still expect him in San Francisco within a month or two….depending on how the roster shakes out. So, the Giants do indeed need to be careful with Huff. As much as I love the guy, he has been notoriously streaky throughout his career and is on the downward slide. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’d love Huff back, but the price has to be right.

As for Uribe, well, the lack of a strong free agent market for middle infielders is really going to put a vice grip on the front office’s peanuts. Many teams, including the Giants, lack powerful middle infielders and losing Uribe would create quite a hole…especially if Panda doesn’t return to his 2009 form. Unlike Huff, the Giants don’t have a replacement waiting in the wings so the return of Uribe becomes that much more critical. Yet again though, the Giants have to be careful on the price. Juan will most certainly be overpaid in this market – it’s just a matter of how much.

Brian Sabean loves him some once removed “star power”, such as a J.J. Hardy type…so if the Giants deem EWWWWW-REE-BAY too expensive (which I do think might happen)…prepare yourself for another scrapheap gem…………….I hope.