SF Giants Rumors

Juan Uribe Is A Wanted Man – Cards Interested Now

By Bryan Rose

You might want to get used to this. In fact, you might as well start preparing yourself for 28 or so of the MLB teams to leak out interest in the Giants utility infielder.

Today’s rumor dejour comes from the shortstop lacking St. Louis Cardinals. ESPN’s Buster Olney made mention this morning that he expects the Cardinals to pursue Uribe quite aggressively and have options available for him at 3b, SS, and even 2nd if interested.

What was once a league full of middle infielders with okay/solid defense who could pop 20 HR’s a year now has become defunct. Combine that with Uribe’s clutch hitting and the demand grows by the day. As much as I’d love the Giants to keep him, if they do, they’re going to have to pony up the cash/years and that might not be the best move down the road.