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The San Francisco Giants Parade – From A Fan Perspective

By Bryan Rose

Although I was lucky enough to experience this magical World Series run through the power of television, one thing I really wanted to experience but wasn’t able to was the parade. Sure, I watched it live on Comcast Bay Area, and amazing as that was – not being a part of it, in person, was somewhat of a letdown.

There are many of us outside of the Bay Area who really didn’t have the ability to make it to the parade but Greg Goodman from Adventures of a GoodMan was kind enough to recap his day in the festivities. He passed me along his photo essay which is an absolute must read. From the pictures to the words, Greg did an excellent job of capturing the spirit and heart of so many Giant fans down at the Civic Center this past Wednesday. His girlfriend even chipped in and took video from an 11th floor building which overlooked the parade route.

Spend a few minutes of your morning and give it a look – it’ll be well worth your time. And a big thanks to Greg (and his girlfriend) for capturing these moments for us all to see.