SF Giants Rumors

Phillies Interested In Aaron Rowand

By Bryan Rose

You know, I’ve been pretty hard on Rowand this year. Okay – you’re right. I’ve been absolutely brutal.

It’s nothing against Aaron himself. He’s a really great guy. A class act. A guy you love to have on your team. He plays the game the right way and really could be considered the ultimate professional. It’s just this little problem he has of not being able to hit a beach ball if it broke more than .2 inches.

Seriously, like I’ve said – grab him one of the big ass plastic red bats you’ll find on any grocery store/drug store toy aisle, throw him a soccer ball, and he still couldn’t make contact.

He’s almost cost me the eyesight in my right eye this year…I had the razor *this* close. But then I had visions of Buster Posey and came back to my senses. Anyway, long story short, Heyman says the Phillies are open to the option of bringing Rowand back to Philladelphia IF the Giants were to pay a large portion of his salary.

It’s certainly something to think about, but, I’d rather make an attempt to find some other high priced unhappy vet, say like Carlos Zambrano. Then again, I’m sure a death row inmate would prefer a hooker (preferably female, most of the time) once in a while. Guess a man can dream.