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The Price Of Injuries Hurting Giants

By Bryan Rose

*UPDATE* – Juan Uribe is playing this afternoon. But so is Aaron Rowand. I recommend slicing diagonally across the wrist, not vertically. It’ll expedite the process.

The Giants were facing enough adversity simply facing the Phillies. Now, the adversity continues to grow…quickly.

Reports have confirmed that Giants shortstop Edgar Renteria does have a torn left bicep tendon, an injury that would surely sideline the veteran if the opportunity presented itself. Unfortunately, that situation isn’t presenting itself, well, at least as of this morning as reports are saying Juan Uribe will not be available for Game 3 this afternoon. Of course, that could change in the next few hours but the point remains, even if Uribe does take the field he’ll be playing injured, and well, watching him swing healthy is challenging enough. That swing with a wrist contusion? Fuck me.

In addition to the Renteria and Uribe situations, reports continue to grow that Aaron Rowand will be given the start over Andres Torres in Game 3. If you listen quietly, you can hear legions of Giant fans jumping off of the Golden Gate. Yes, Andres Torres has been horrible since his appendectomy. I don’t envy Bruce Bochy’s situation. He has a good defensive outfielder who’s injured (if you will) but simply hasn’t been cutting it since his operation, going 3 of 25 with 12 K’s so far in the playoffs. On the flip side, he has Aaron Rowand. I mean, seriously. Give Rowand one of those big ass red plastic bat’s you’ll find in the toy aisle of your local Walgreens, give Hamels a beach ball, and if it breaks more than .1 inches Rowand will whiff so hard it’ll create a tsunami that even Indonesia would be envious of.

Listen, I’d love nothing more than to have Rowand make me look like an ass and have a great game. But really, do I look worried?

Adversity is mounting up quicker than Warren G and Nate Dogg on a clear black night.

Make me wrong, Rowand….I dare you. Fuck, I beg you. Please?