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Giants Release NLDS Roster – Guillen Left Off

By Bryan Rose

I’m not even sure what to say at this point. I mean, first off – the Giants made the playoffs but now you tell me that both Barry Zito and Jose Guillen are left off the 25 man roster?! It’s a trick right? It has to be. I’m waiting for the Easter Bunny and Santa to pop out any time and yell “GOT YA!!!”…

Okay, I guess it is legit…

Bruce Bochy, well known for his love of past their prime/slumping vets has actually left off Jose Guillen and Barry Zito. The world, as we know it, might just be over….pack your bags, just in case.

Below is the active roster. You’ll notice that Aaron Rowand (who’s had very good career success versus Derek Lowe, Game 1’s starter) made the roster at the expense of Guillen as did Edgar Renteria. I can hear your collective groans.

Missing as well will be Dan Runzler who appeared to be replaced by Guillermo Mota who finished the season very strong. That’ll leave the Giants pen with only two left handers in Affeldt and Lopez, with Bumgarner an emergency left arm if needed. I’ve seen a few who think that might be an arm too short, but, I’m fine with it.

The roster, as promised:

Pitchers (11)

41 Jeremy Affeldt LHP
40 Madison Bumgarner LHP
18 Matt Cain RHP
46 Santiago Casilla RHP
55 Tim Lincecum RHP
49 Javier Lopez LHP
59 Guillermo Mota RHP
52 Ramon Ramirez RHP
54 Sergio Romo RHP
57 Jonathan Sanchez LHP
38 Brian Wilson RHP

Catchers (2)

28 Buster Posey C
22 Eli Whiteside C

Infielders (7)

14 Mike Fontenot IF
17 Aubrey Huff IF
10 Travis Ishikawa IF
16 Edgar Renteria IF
21 Freddy Sanchez IF
48 Pablo Sandoval IF
5 Juan Uribe IF

Outfielders (5)

9 Pat Burrell OF
13 Cody Ross OF
33 Aaron Rowand OF
12 Nate Schierholtz OF
56 Andres Torres OF