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Pat The Bat Strikes – Magic # To 3

By Bryan Rose

There is always the chance that the Giants could go into this evenings game and collectively shit the bed for the next four games. Anything is possible.

But I’m going to take my chances and say that wont be happening.

The Padres were finally able to beat the Cubs last night in San Diego, but were unable to gain any ground on the Giants who beat the Diamondbacks for the second straight evening, this time curtsy of a single swing from Pat Burrell.

Diamondbacks starter Ian Kennedy continued his dominance over the G-men, pitching a fantastic game for the most part. For the most part. Kennedy left one out and over the heart of the plate in the bottom half of the fourth which Pat Burrell dropped his D’s on, sending an arching shot deep into the left field seats. The bad part for Kennedy and the D’Backs were the runners on base – two of them. The Giants took a 3-1 lead and the game finished that way. Live and die by the homerun it seems. Right now, they’re living…and living well.

Brian Wilson picked up his 47th save of the year, all be it in an extremely high stress situation. It’s not a Giants game without a little torture at some point, right?

Outside of the division, the Houston Astros were able to knock off the Cincinnati Reds dropping them two full games behind the Giants in the race for playoff seeding. The Giants also hold the tiebreaker if both teams are tied with the same record at season end, thus, making it a three game lead in all reality – fantastic news if you’re hoping to play the Braves over the Phillies in round one.

Speaking of, who ARE you looking forward to in round one, assuming the playoff picture holds up and the Braves win the Wild Card? Phillies? Braves? Neither is a matchup to throw a party over, but, homefield over Atlanta wins it for me.

Giants go for the sweep tonight behind Madison Bumgarner.