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Giants Salvage Series….I Guess

By Bryan Rose

Had the Giants lost yesterday, it would have been devastating. Getting swept, at home, by the Diamondbacks in a pennant race? Words can’t even describe.

Thankfully, the Giants avoided the sweep and even picked up a game on the NL West leading Padres as they were swept at home by the Wild Card leading Phillies.

The bullpen was a disaster yesterday afternoon, but, probably not as big of a disaster as Bochy’s managing of them. He ran through those guys (with a big upcoming Rockies series) like some bad Mexican food after a night of boozing it up. And of course, every further decision he made – sucked. The offense bailed him out after the Giants imploded their 5-2 lead and went down 6-5, a loss that would have been already devastating in nature would have become soul crushing. But alas, a win is a win, right? What? I’m trying to stay positive and motivated. I can see the bright side too! I mean, look – we’re playing the Rockies now who never beat the Giants when it counts and never have a 73 game win streak late in the season to push them into playoff contention and Todd Helton almost never hits .649 against us for the series and….fuck. Where was I going with this?!

The Giants can really step on the necks of the surging Rockies right now who are only three games behind the Giants, or, they can let them sneak into the Wild Card chase. It’s mildly amusing how the Rockies do this yearly, or so it seems. They’re like a bad case of herpes – not that I’d know. *panics*

Giants versus the Rockies for three, at the Park.

Padres at the Snakes for three.

And the Phillies travel to Los Angeles to take on the Bums, who obviously wont help us at all, for a three game tilt.

Mmm, playoff baseball. Smells good.