Buster Posey

Lincecum Tips Pitches – D’Backs Take Note

By Bryan Rose

Whatever Tim Lincecum was doing last night that gave away his location – Diamondbacks shortstop Stephen Drew figured it out early on. Drew lead the game off with a four pitch walk and could be seen on the broadcast tipping pitches to Adam LaRoche as he stood at second base. A look to the left. A touch of the helmet to the left. Moments later, a three run bomb shelled into the Cove by LaRoche and the Giants are down 3-0. As the inning finally came to an end, TV cameras caught Drew talking to more Diamondbacks in the dugout, mimicking Lincecum’s delivery, informing them of what he had picked up.

As for the game…what else can you say but ugly. It was the type of game that makes you wonder if the Giants are all that interested in the postseason. You have 33 games left. To get outplayed by a 51 win team with only a handful of games left – you can’t let it happen. The Giants aren’t going to win 75% of their remaining games, we all understand that – but put up a god damn effort. The Giants were absolutely blistered by an…..average pitcher. Nothing against Enright, but, his stuff was far from solid. The Giants just went up there hacking blindly letting Enright wiggle out of jam after jam.

You simply can’t lose, in that way, at this time of year, to that kind of team.

Of course, this is the Giants we’re talking about – so they’ll most likely come back from the dead and win the next two. At least, we hope so..

Speaking of hope, for those that missed the game, Buster Posey left late and was spotted leaving the park with a sleeve on his left forearm. They’re calling it a strained left forearm right now and both he and Bochy feel he could have continued and will play today – but strained forearms aren’t the funnest of injuries to deal with. Hopefully it’s only minor…

And one last tidbit for the day, as I go into TMZ mode. There is a rumor that wont leave the net that says Lincecum’s problems stem from impregnating a woman who wants to keep the baby.

I couldn’t make that up if I tried….

Playoff race, and we’ve got baby rumors. FML.