Buster Posey

Buster Posey & Andres Torres Get National Love

By Bryan Rose

You don’t see too many articles in USA Today about the Giants. Hell, you haven’t seen much of anything in the National media, Giants related, at all. I’ll blame the whole east coast bias thing, cause well, I have the power to do that. Who’s gonna stop me?! *flexes*

Anyway, I thought Jorge Ortiz of USA Today wrote a great piece on two fan favorites, Gerald “Buster” Posey and Andres Torres which you can read here.

It touches on each individual players road to the MLB (and the Giants) – and I simply thought it was cool to see not only Posey, but especially Torres get some much deserved props for his play outside of San Francisco.

Torres also spoke about how he’s one of the few allowed to take banned medication and how it calms down his ADHD:

"Before the 2009 season, Torres applied for and received a therapeutic-use exemption from MLB, allowing him to take medication that’s banned for other players because of its effect as a stimulant.The rise of exemptions for ADHD — 106 were granted by MLB in 2008 — raised eyebrows at the World Anti-Doping Agency. In January 2009, Gary Wadler, chairman of the committee that determines WADA’s banned substances list, called the number “crying out for explanation.”For his part, Torres says his need for medication and its positive effects are palpable; he takes a Focalin pill an hour before each game.“I’ve played with the medication and without it, and the difference is like night and day,” he says. “It has helped me be more consistent and to focus.“There were times I would go to bat, and there were so many things in my head I couldn’t even see the ball.”"