SF Giants News

Aubrey Huff Changes Representation

By Bryan Rose

I smell something. And I know it’s not me – I showered last week.

Could it be the scent of a final big pay day?

DING DING DING! What do I win!?!

Aubrey Huff has decided to be represented by Mark Pieper of SFX who represents many of the biggest names in Major League Baseball – some of which include Justin Verlander, Miguel Cabrera, and Mariano Rivera.

I love Huff as a player and as a clubhouse guy but I can’t help but think he’ll chase the money after the impressive season he’s having. I just hope the Giants aren’t the team that overspends.

Huff back at a legit rate – I’m all over that, but the last thing the Giants need is another Edgar Renteria/Aaron Rowand contract on the books in a couple seasons. Sabean and company have a unique love of overpaying vets who are beginning their decline – so excuse me if I have to wear huggies this off-season.