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Jose Guillen Traded To San Francisco Giants

By Bryan Rose

According to ESPN Deportes and Enrique Rojas, the Giants and Royals have agreed on a deal that will bring the recently DFA’d Guillen to San Francisco. The article is in Spanish, so, for you little snowflakes that aren’t bi-lingual, well, just trust me. There is no word on what the Royals are getting back, but whatever it is – it’ll be pretty worthless to the Giants.

As for Guillen and the Giants – it’s a part time role. A spot start thing. Well, it should be but we all know how Bruce Bochy loves him a veteran. Multiple other teams were interested in his services, including the Dodgers, but it appears the Giants were the only team willing to part with a piece to get the powerful outfielder.

Guillen had a very impressive first half, hitting .279 with 15 dingers and 54 RBI going into the All-Star break, but has slumped dramatically since, only posting a .151 average in the twenty plus games since.

I was an advocate of Guillen earlier in the year, simply for the cheap source of power but with the re-emergence of Pat Burrell, it’s hard to see where Guillen fits. That said though, the Giants do only have 38 of their 40 roster spots filled and with the rosters expanding shortly, Guillen does provide a nice power threat off the bench.

He’s obviously not coming here to replace Burrell, Huff, or Torres in the outfield and the bench is pretty weak in power, so, why not. At least we wont have to watch Rowand swing and miss at three sliders in a clutch situation.

Oh, who the fuck am I kidding.

Update: Mychael Urban of CSNBayArea.com is reporting he believes that Guillen will become the right field starter, pushing Huff back to 1b and Ishikawa to the bench. Jeff Fletcher of AOL also confirms this feeling after speaking with Bruce Bochy. FML.

Okay, now I’m going to gag slightly. I like Guillen as a power bat off the bench. Not as an everyday starter with the way the current group has played.