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Tim Lincecum And Chicken Little

By Bryan Rose

Is the sky falling? I guess that depends on who you ask.

Whatever the case, Tim Lincecum simply isn’t the Tim Lincecum we’ve come to know. He doesn’t have his A game stuff. Hell, he doesn’t have his B game stuff. He’s working on a C- and slowly making his way downward. It’s been a rough year for the Freak despite his very respectable statistics. He’s been able to wrangle his way out of traffic jams on the bases the past few months, but his WHIP and batting average against have been very un-Lincecum like. In June and July, batters were hitting .267 off Lincecum and in the past three months, Timmy has had WHIPS of 1.54, 1.41, 1.32. Take last years stats where Lincecum had a WHIP under 1.00 in four months and his highest WHIP of the entire year was 1.28. In addition, he held batters to two months of sub .200 averages and was continually in the low .200’s area for the entire season.

Whatever one wants to read into those stats, one thing is clear. Tim isn’t Tim. And the Giants aren’t the Giants without him.

Tim says it’s mechanical. Some say it’s a lack of focus. Some say it’s injury. Some say he’s lost his dominance. Where am I? Really, I don’t know. Tim looked lost last night. Like a wayward puppy. He had no movement. Watching a guy who had 4 RBI since MAY 29th hit a moonshot into the Bay off of Tim was gut wrenching.

Whatever it is – I hope Tim can figure it out. Because if not, well….I think we’re all aware of what that entails.