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Giants Drop 3 Of 4 Verus Braves

By Bryan Rose

The Giants and Braves ended their season series today – but it might not be the last time the two squads battle it out. If the playoffs started today, the Giants would start the NLDS in Atlanta versus the Braves and after watching the first seven games between the two teams, it has the potential for one hell of a battle.

It’s pretty evident that both the Giants and Braves are very equal teams. Each play solid defense and have excellent pitching but lack some pop in the lineup, despite the Braves power explosion these past four games. Sadly for the Giants, what they did so well in July hasn’t transferred over to August as of yet as they combined to go 1 for 33 with RISP during the four game series in Atlanta. That’s simply not going to get it done. They were lucky to win of the four – but that’s not to say they didn’t battle. Each game was kept close and the Giants never gave up. It was just one of those series.

A 2-4 roadie certainly isn’t something to be excited about but considering the Giants played two of the better teams in the National League (and the #1 and #3 home records) but it’s not a catastrophic blow either. It’s unrealistic to expect the Giants to continue their stellar play without a minor scuffle so hopefully a series at home versus the struggling Cubs will get the Giants back to their winning ways.

One note from this afternoons game – the return of Todd Wellemeyer. I’m not sure what it is about Todd. I never liked him before he came to San Francisco. I disliked the initial signing. I really disliked his performance prior to the injury and well, he didn’t do anything to fix my opinion about him after his performance today. In relief of Jonathan Sanchez (who wasn’t all that effective himself), Wellemeyer came in and gave up four consecutive base hits and was unable to record an out.

With Jeremy Affeldt and Dan Runzler hoping to return soon along with the Giants carrying an extra pitcher, I’d really like to see Todd sent down to Fresno. He simply hasn’t proven at any time this season that he can get it done and while a long relief guy is nice, an ineffective one is worthless.

Rough series but back home to the Bay we go – hopefully Freddy Sanchez can get a hit sometime before September. I’m not counting on it though.

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