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Giants Put Thumping On Rockies

By Bryan Rose

Wow. The Giants are just playing insane right now. They have been for a month and they don’t look like they’re interested in slowing down anytime soon.

The Giants started out on the attack last night, pillaging Rockies starter Aaron Cook who certainly aided in the process as he wasn’t able to find the strikezone continually. Last years Giants (and even this years early version) would have helped him out, swinging at poor pitches and generally putting themselves in the hole. But that has changed with the winning. The Giants forced Cook into poor count leverage situations and went to town on the meatballs he was forced to throw. And it wasn’t just cook. The Giants looked just as locked in whomever the Rockies trotted out there.

On the pitching front, Jonathan Sanchez had one of his best starts of the season. At one point, Dirty struck out seven Rockies consecutively – a feat which tied a San Francisco Giants record. Sanchez did seem to have some minor issues when he got into the stretch, but that only happened two or three times all night. Considering the high tally of strikeouts (9 in six innings), Sanchez did pretty well to make it into the 7th inning before finally being removed. If only Sanchez could get this type of consistency from start to start.

With the Padres loss, the Giants now sit only one game behind the first place Friars and hold a three game lead over the St. Louis Cardinals in the Wild Card standings.

Oh, and one more thing.

Suck it, Dinger. Suck it.