Buster Posey

Fish Fry In Frisco Falls Short

By Bryan Rose

Oh. Wasn’t that fancy. See what I did there? Much more impressive than the Giants offense this afternoon.

Anibal Sanchez was lights out. A dart thrower. He could have thrown a marble through a butthole if he so desired. Okay, maybe he wasn’t that good – but he had his A-game most definitely, dropping a 1 hit shutout on the G-men.

Giant hitters were off balance and looked downright silly at times, even making Andres Torres and Buster Posey, the two hottest G-men, flail wildly at times or get caught checking their swing. The Giants simply couldn’t get a read. In addition, Sanchez teamed up with the perfect umpire as Lance Bargsdale worked the dish, a low ball ump extraordinaire.

Madison Bumgarner wasn’t impressive, but, he wasn’t bad. After a bit of a shaky start, Bumgarner settled down and wrangled the Fish pretty well. Then pen had some issues, but, it really didn’t matter today. The Marlins weren’t going to lose with Sanchez throwing the way he did. And that’s a shame since the Giants set themselves up for an impressive 3-1 series win, even more impressive with a victory over Josh Johnson. But, alas, it wasn’t to be.

One side note I want to mention – and that’s the heavy playing time that Edgar Renteria and Aaron Rowand are starting to receive again. The Giants have been playing extremely well, so, I didn’t want to wait and bring this up when the Giants start to lose some games and make it seem like I was blaming them as scapegoats – I’m not. But the extended playing time for both of them is starting to bother me. It seems way too reminiscent of Bochy’s desire to overplay aging vets that he’s always had, and had earlier this year until Rowand and Renteria more or less forced their benching. Both players seem to be more productive off the bench/spot starting and tend to fade when playing time is extended.

But like I said – the Giants are winning and winning at an impressive pace. Nobody cares right now. But a bad stretch of games….I think we’re going to be back in the same discussions we were earlier this year.

Also, shout out to Buster Posey. His uber impressive 21 game hitting streak was broken today, one shy of breaking even with the Mac’s 22 game rooking hitting streak. Posey has been so important to the Giants success – especially this past month. He’s been the spark-plug game after game, so, a big up to Jesus in gray pants.