Buster Posey

Dodgers Almost Win, But, They Didn’t. GRAHAH

By Bryan Rose

You know, for at one time having a 4-0 lead early in the game….the Dodgers have a way of always cramping your style and making a win seem like a loss. This was one of those nights.

The umpires were again distinctively awful. They plated a run for the Dodgers that should not have been a run and they did the same for the Giants soon after. It’s one thing to miss a ball or a strike. It’s another to miss a bang-bang play at first, but, how do you overlook a guy running past another at second base? How do you mistakenly call a player home at safe when the play clearly ended before he ever crossed the plate? It’s things like this that would make a normal person crazy. Thankfully, I’ve been crazy since my youth.

The Giants opened up an early 4-0 lead (it should have been bigger but the Giants pissed their pants on a bases loaded, no out situation, getting ZERO runs) thanks to God in gray pants Buster Posey getting an RBI single, then with Panda following on an RBI double. A Nasty Nate two-run bomb put the lead at 4-0 before the Dodgers clawed two runs in the bottom of the sixth. The Giants were able to scratch out another insurance run thanks to sac fly from the Mole and the Giants took their eventual 5-2 win, but, not before Rod Beck Brian Wilson puckered your asshole one more time.

Wilson promptly loaded the bases and brought Casey Blake to the plate, the game winning run. For those that don’t recall, it was Blake who opened up the whole Blakegate fiasco back in 2009 when Blake homered off Wilson late to tie the game and promptly did this:

Of course, Blake said he didn’t know that Wilson did that in honor of his late father. Which is something I’d expect a fucktard like Blake to say.

Anyway, flash forward to last night – the bases loaded for the Dodgers, the equalizer on first base, the winning run, Blake at the dish. It’s all too perfect. Another walk off grand slam for the Bums. Because hey, the Giants don’t like to lose in horrific ways to the Dodgers and Rockies or anything. I can’t watch. Blake keeps fouling balls off. He’s getting Wilson’s timing down. Oh god. I’m going to cry.

Strike three.


Giants win. I knew it all along. Suck it, Dodgers. Suck it.