SF Giants Rumors

Giants Value Jose Guillen Over David DeJesus?

By Bryan Rose

As I posted last night, the Royals top scout was in attendance for last evenings tilt, a sign that a potential trade is at least in talks between the Giants and Royals. David DeJesus has been linked to the Giants (as well as other clubs) multiple times, but the one name that continually falls behind the radar is Jose Guillen. While Guillen’s average isn’t nearly as eye-popping as DeJesus, the homerun and RBI totals are vastly in Guillen’s favor and Guillen at one time was considered one of the best arms in baseball from the outfield.

Sure, his arm isn’t what it used to be, and he is 34 years old. He’s not the prototypical Giants type buy at the deadline. But considering the other alternatives, his price tag will be pretty low (considering the other potential names rumored out there, say, like a Corey Hart), so if the Giants are to make a move for a “power hitter” – I’d be much happier with the production for price tag value that Guillen will bring over other similar sluggers.

Guillen is currently batting .279 with 15 HR’s and 54 RBI.