SF Giants News

Giants Open Second Half With Win Over Mets

By Bryan Rose

Thank heaven for Big Time Timmy Jim. He was dirty last night. Filthy. Too dirty to clean his act up.

Okay, so maybe the strikeout stuff wasn’t there but he continually battled and pitched smart throughout the entire game. The Mets came into last evenings contest leading the league in stolen bases, but past a first inning ball in the dirt (which Posey had no shot on anyway), he kept the rest of the Mets at a stand still – well, the few that got on base. When Lincecum fell behind in 2-0 or 3-0 counts, he pitched smart and got the count leverage even. When he had the Mets on the ropes, he didn’t just rare back and attempt to throw a seed, he pinched the corners trying to get the batters to fish. It was vintage Lincecum, without the strikeouts. And with last nights victory, he becomes the seconded fastest Giant (San Francisco era) to win 50 games behind Juan Marichal. And frankly, with the amount of games Lincecum has been “Cain’d” in his first few years, he quite possibly could have become number one on that list.

As for everything non-Lincecum, the offense was pretty blah. A big two out knock from the Panda got the Giants out to an early 1-0 lead in the bottom of the second but they didn’t threaten again until the 8th inning when the stratched a run out of a bases loaded situation. And while they did manage that run, overall, it was a pretty dissapointing effort considering they had the heart of the lineup at-bat for that entire sequence. I’m sure you can guess how it ended, but if not, it starts with a double and ends with a play. Shocking, eh?

The idle Padres and Rockies both lost a half game on the Giants while the Dodgers got blasted in St. Louis, so the G-men gained ground on the entire division. Three more at home versus the Mets before the Giants head to Zona and Hell Los Angeles.