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Giants Sign Dontrelle Willis

By Bryan Rose

I uh, well, I’d like to be able to say “GOTCHA”, but, alas – I can’t.

I’ve confirmed that the Giants have indeed signed the D-Train to a minor league contract and he’ll be in uniform for the AAA Grizzlies within a day or so.

Willis hasn’t had a respectable season since 2006 and was absolutely tattooed in both of his stops this year, Detroit and Arizona…with things getting even somehow more during his short stint in the Valley of the Sun just a few weeks ago.

I’d be more than willing to provide you with an analysis of why this move happened, but, I can’t. I’m pretty fucking awesome, but I’m not that awesome. I’m guessing you can chalk this one up as another Sabean attempt to squeeze out any good left in the dead arm of a once talented pitcher.