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Pablo Sandoval Divorce – Kruk & Kuip In GQ Magazine

By Bryan Rose

With the All-Star break upon us, it’s relatively quiet right now. Everybody sans Brian Wilson, Tim Lincecum, and Bruce Bochy are enjoying the three day break. Some of the Giants are in Vegas, such as Aaron Rowand – others are back home in the Bay relaxing such as Aubrey Huff. One Giant that isn’t relaxing though is Pablo Sandoval. The Panda has had just an awful first half, one that seems to get worse by the day. Thankfully (or, un-thankfully, really…) the reason for Sandoval’s struggles are starting to come to light. Earlier in the year, CSN’s Mychael Urban was on KNBR discussing Sandoval’s dip in production and mentioned how the Panda was enjoying his newly found fame just a little too much, and we’re not talking autographs and free beers when he walks into a bar. Let’s just say that I’ve seen first hand the “benefits” that professional athletes have at their disposal, if you will. Many times they’re equipped with double “D’s”, if you get my drift.

From Hank Schulman’s Twitter:

"Yes. Goes deeper than that, but it’s not for me to divulge. RT @eperez415: any truth to the rumor Pablo going thru divorce? Weighing on him?"

And while I’m in no way accusing Pablo of any of this, the rumors continue to gain momentum with respected sources close to the Giants all but spelling it out. And now reports have come to light that Pablo is in the middle of a divorce, something that obviously takes priority over the game of baseball, especially with a young daughter involved.

Listen, I’m not trying to pry into Sandoval’s love life or his personal matters at home – but, it is what it is. Sandoval is too good of a player to be playing the way he is – something has been taking him out of his comfort zone and its very possible we’ve found out just what that situation might be.

In lighter news, the best broadcast team in the Majors (in my opinion), Kruk & Kuip have been named the third best duo in baseball according to GQ Magazine. Vin Scully got the #1 nod, obviously due to seniority factor, but it’s a well deserved award for the two ex-Giant players. Glad to see them getting recognition outside of the Bay Area. Now grab some pine, meat.

Good luck to Timmy and Brian tonight.