Buster Posey

Giants Rebound In Thumping Of Nationals

By Bryan Rose

What twenty four hours can do.

Yesterday’s anemic offense (though, they were rightfully Strasburged) decided to take a day off and the thunder sticks appeared, clubbing the Giants to a 10-5 victory. All didn’t start off peachy though as Jonathan Sanchez again struggled out of the gate allowing the Nationals to get an early 2-0 lead started by, yep, you guessed it -walks. Sanchez seemed to calm down for a few batters before his wildness returned and he was pushed from the game after only 3 and 2/3 innings, yielding five earned runs. Sanchez only walked two tonight but it was obvious he had no release point and was throwing darts drunkenly.

Recently re-called Joe Martinez came in to mop up and did a tremendous job, throwing 1 2/3 scoreless innings before the rest of the bullpen closed things up. It’s amazing. On nights the starters fail, the bullpen usually comes in and just obliterates the opposing offense but dare the starter throw a nice game, they’ll be more than willing to come in and destroy that on a handful of pitches.

If this bullpen can ever get some Padres like consistency, they’ll be a force come the second half but until then….it seems like it’s a pick your poison dilemma in the pen.

In other news, Jesus Buster Posey has been an absolute wrecking ball on this road trip, especially in the past six game. The second coming has an unthinkable 12 RBI’s in the past six games along with 5 dingers. STAY HOT BUSTER POSEY.

Aren’t you guys glad we stayed with Bengie Molina for so long? And screwed up the lineup to force feed him into it? *shakes head*