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Giants Lose Pitcher Dan Runzler For 6-8 Weeks

By Bryan Rose

Yuck. Rough blow. For an already shaky bullpen, things just got a bit more dire – especially from the left side. I’d have to think this all but certifies the notion of going out and getting another left hander, something that was already needed but becomes more of a desperation now.

For those that missed it, Runzler was sent up to bat yesterday (his first career at-bat in the Majors) and he promptly swung, hitting a foul ball down the line, all the while corkscrewing his knee into the ground. Rev Run fell to the ground, grabbed his knee, got right back up and attempted to walk it off….but that didn’t last long. Half a minute later he was being helped off the field and I’m sure panic ensued shortly thereafter in the Giants clubhouse.

The MRI showed some cartilage tearing in knee but the ligaments and tendons were deemed okay. No surgery will be needed, just some draining of the knee and rest.

Joe Martinez has been re-called from Fresno to take his place.