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Giants Streak Continues – Drop Seventh In A Row

By Bryan Rose

Really – what can I say? I’m at a loss for words. The Giants are in the midst of their worst losing streak in three years. I’d say it’s not time to panic, but, I started doing that about, oh, three months ago.

The Giants just look awful, all around. Their starting pitching, at one time nearly automatic, has become far from that. The bullpen, quite possibly the best in baseball last year is pitching like one of the worst in the league despite little roster turnover from last years corps. And the “improved” offense looks sluggish and incapable of doing anything positive. Even the Giants defense which has been excellent all season looks like a hot pile of rotting baby diapers. It’s just…well, there are no words.

The Giants will come out of this funk eventually – it’s just important that they do so before they’re 10 games out of first place which is a very real possibility assuming they don’t get their act together shortly.

It’s the same old story – over and over. I’m ready for a new chapter. QUICK LIKE.

And if you needed more good news, the Giants get the fun task of Ubaldo tomorrow afternoon and the task of Jesus Strasburg in less than a week. So, if you feel like making some easy money – get your ass to the nearest casino and drop everything you have on the Rockies and Nationals.

Oh, and one more thing – STOP CHANGING THE FUCKING LINEUP DAILY BOCHY. These guys have NO rhythm. AT ALL.