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With Bengie Molina Gone, Your Lineup Is?

By Bryan Rose

The pearly gates have opened – and who appears? Well, I’m glad you asked! None other than Gerald Buster Posey, of course.

The trading of Bengie Molina to the Texas Rangers last evening all but opened the door for Posey to start behind the dish (right, Boch?), but, the trade opens up a few new lineup situationals. So, if you were Bochy, what would be your designated defensive lineup?

The option is there to remove Huff from the outfield and throw him back to first base. That gives Pat Burrell a continued starting slot and allows the Giants to either get Nate Schierholtz back in the lineup or to re-call John Bowker who continues to mash the ball at AAA Fresno.

The option also presents itself to keep the current wildlife preserve outfield (two water buffalo’s and a gazelle) and put Sandoval at first which would allow both Uribe and Renteria to play the infield, an option you wouldn’t have if you put Nate or Bowker back into the starting lineup.

Which starting eight do you prefer?

Option A:

C – Posey

1B – Huff

2nd – Sanchez

3rd – Sandoval

SS – Renteria/Uribe

OF – Burrell, Torres, Bowker/Nate


Option B:

C – Posey

1B – Sandoval

2nd – Sanchez

3rd – Uribe

SS – Renteria

OF – Burrell, Torres, Huff

And yes, while I understand there are other possible lineup situations, I’m just trying to determine the realistic options since we know Bochy wont deviate far from what he’s been doing….lol