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Bruce Bochy Will Forever Be Bruce Bochy

By Bryan Rose

As many of you are aware – despite my ties to the Giants, I’ve been living in Southern California for years and have been subjected to Bochy’s term with the Padres and now the Giants. I’ve become all too aware of his managing “style” – it’s drove me nucking futs for YEARS. It’s really getting to the point that it’s impossible to put into words. Almost…

Here is a lovely article about Bochy from SignOnSanDiego…..from 1996. Sounds eerily familiar, no?

"“Bruce Bochy heard the whispers. He catered too much to veterans. He was too impatient with young players.“I’ve heard it,” Bochy said yesterday. “I think that’s unfair criticism of me.”In the club’s front office, however, Bochy was perceived as being overly indulgent of veterans such as Ryan Klesko and Phil Nevin in 2003-05 and Vinny Castilla and Eric Young. Bochy was deemed not supportive enough of young players such as Xavier Nady in 2005 and Ben Johnson this year (the same Ben Johnson whom Bochy started in Game 2 of the ‘05 playoffs, with disastrous results).Towers in recent years complained to industry personnel that Bochy was allowing veterans to take advantage of him. Example: Towers had hired Wally Joyner to tutor Klesko at first base and became frustrated that Bochy didn’t insist that Klesko work rigorously with Joyner. Example: Towers wanted Bochy to rein in the tempestuous Nevin. Finally, Towers did so himself, chewing out Nevin near Bochy’s office in July 2004. A day later Nevin said the rip job was both deserved and helpful.This year, Bochy seldom rested right fielder Brian Giles, even as Giles’ bat slowed, even as veteran players wondered why Giles was playing so often and batting third instead of second."


Oh, and by the way? Aaron Rowand? Yea – he’s batting leadoff.

Gotta love you some Bochy, eh!?