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Astros Light Up Matt Cain, Beat Down Giants

By Bryan Rose

I’m not really sure what to say. The Giants had a chance to salvage this road trip with a win today, going 3-3 after an 0-2 start….but they failed and they failed fucking hard.

Matt Cain was absolutely shelled and Bruce Bochy rode him until he had to be put down early in the game. I guess he thought Cain would regain his, uh, “Cain-ness” but no such luck. Now, I can understand this in some situations – but you were playing the Astros, one of the poorer teams in the league. The Giants offense, despite their inabilities, did have a chance to come back before the result got too out of hand. And right on cue, the Giants did string together some runs after the score was pretty much insurmountable and they made the final tally look a bit closer than it was.

Giants end up going 7-2 versus the Stro’s this year after starting it 7-0. Today’s loss was pretty bad considering they could have had a .500 road trip, nothing special, but workable. Now they go home to face the Red Sox and Dodgers riding a 2-4 road trip….not a pretty situation.

Of course, the Giants can fix all of this with an impressive six game stand – but that’s asking a lot against two teams as talented as Boston and Los Angeles.

The Giants can really show what they’re made of this weekend. I hope they do.

P.S. – sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been covering the NBA Draft for A Royal Pain and the Sacramento Kings, but things will resume their normalcy around here now with the draft completed.