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Who Is Your 2010 Giant(s) All-Star?

By Bryan Rose

With the off-day today, it’s a bit slow in the land of Giants. I’m sure Bengie Molina is running to a base some place at an extremely slow pace. And I’m sure Scott, err, Aaron Rowand is swinging and missing at an outside slider. And I’m sure John Bowker and Nate Schierholtz continue to wonder who exactly they pissed off. And I’m sure Tim Lincecum’s attempt to get through customs this morning was a bit nerve racking. Just sayin’…

So, with it being a slow day, it got me thinking about the All-Star game and what Giant(s) should represent. Tim Lincecum off name alone has an All-Star endorsement, despite poor play for his standards (very much All-Star worthy for anybody else). Brian Wilson has been downright lights out for most of the season, pitching the Giants out of more disasters than British Petroleum can shake a leg at. Andres Torres, the unheralded Puerto Rican gazelle has ignited the Giants lineup and covers center field with a fuck you mentality that even Ron Artest respects. Oh, and then there is that Matt Cain guy. He’s aiight. Not to mention the unexpected offensive (and even defensive) contributions from guys like Aubrey Huff and Juan Uribe.

So, if you could pick two G-men to represent San Francisco in the All-Star game, they would be…

Sorry Panda. If there was an All-Star stat for double plays, you’re in unanimously!