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A Giant Revenge: Giants Sweep A’s

By Bryan Rose

Matt Cain. What can you say about Matt Cain? He’s been lights out. I’m talking pitch black, monsters living under your bed, lights out. This was his fifth consecutive start allowing one earned run or less, and he just missed his fifth consecutive start in which he went 8+ innings by only giving up one earned run or less (he only went seven today…only). In short, Matt Cain is an All-Star, again. Will he get it? Considering the stiff competition, chances are slim – but he deserves it as much as anybody. I’m pretty sure he could help Buster Posey slay dragons if need be.

Speaking of mythical creatures, Aubrey Huff turned into the Huff Daddy today, smacking two moon shots into the right center-field arcade. Both were no doubt bombs, resulting in 4 RBI for the Huff Daddy. In addition to Huff’s power bat, he also made a solid play off of the right field wall, only to be one upped by Matt Downs laser (pew pew!) of a cut-off throw to drill Landon Powell at home plate by inches, if that. That throw would have made Han Solo orange with envy.

The bullpen once again struggled before the Giants blew it open in the bottom of the 8th. They escaped without much damage (only a single run given up), but they made sure to pucker the asshole of even the most stoned calm fan. Something they’ve become way too happy doing. And frankly, I prefer my asshole unpuckered, if you must know.  Wait, that sounded bad….

With the Padres loss, the Giants move to within 1.5 games of first and will welcome the other orange and black, the Baltimore Orioles, for a three game set starting tomorrow.