Buster Posey

Musical Chairs To Continue In The Lineup

By Bryan Rose

I’m thoroughly convinced that Bruce Bochy writes names down on paper (I’m assuming he can write…which is a large assumption), and picks them out of his Giant hat – pun intended.

A night after Buster Posey batting third, he’s been thrown to sixth. Huff is now batting third, Uribe doing cleanup, and Sandoval down all the way to seventh.

Here is the full lineup via Dan Brown:

CF Andres Torres
2B Freddy Sanchez
RF Aubrey Huff
SS Juan Uribe
LF Pat Burrell
1B Buster Posey
3B Pablo Sandoval
C Bengie Molina
P Barry Zito

Zito and Posey had some nice chemistry behind the plate last time out in Cincinnati, but with the day game tomorrow, seems like Molina will get to super size his #7 have another day off.

It’s hard to imagine that if I’m already tired of the constant musical chairs (they happen EVERY night)….that the guys in the clubhouse can’t be all that thrilled with the constant shuffling. Well, the ones that are awake during the game are, at least. All three.