Buster Posey

Breaking News: Posey To Bat Third Tonight

By Bryan Rose

Son of a bitch! Putting “breaking news” in the post title made me feel important and superior. Praise me peasants! Praise me!!!

Speaking of feeling important and superior, somebody should pass along those feelings to Ted Williams Buster Posey who has been moved up to third in the Giants batting order. Of course, we arm-chair managers (I mean, what do we know, amirite?!) figured that out about eight hours after Posey was called up, but, things take a wee bit longer to penetrate BORK BORK BORK Bochy’s head. I don’t blame him. Have you seen the thing? And I’m not talking about the size of it. If the Giants ever need a replacement for the big vintage glove in left field…I’m not saying, I’m just saying. *cough*EGO TRIP*cough*

Seriously though, as much as a gripe about Bruce (and this was another reason for the severely chapped ass I have) – at least he finally decided to make the move before it became too late. Maybe it’s a trend?

Oh, I’m sorry.

[sarcasm]MAYBE ITZ A TREND?![/sarcasm]

There. Better.