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Giants Squeak Out Of Pittsburgh

By Bryan Rose

If somebody told me we won two of three in Pittsburgh, I’d have to second guess it. But apparently, we did.

The Giants made it all but too interesting yesterday afternoon in the rubber game of the series as they continually had Pirates starting pitcher Russ Ohlendorf on the ropes but could never strike with the knockout punch.

Tim Lincecum was……good, not great, but good enough against a struggling Pirates team and left the game after the 7th with a 3-3 tie. The Giants were held scoreless in the 8th but added two runs in the of the 9th, plenty enough for closer Brian Wilson to close it out, right? Err, no.

Wilson struggled with his command which resulted in a two out single – a single that eventually became his downfall. With the count 3-2 and two outs, Wilson (who lets not forget possesses 97 mph GAS) decided (or had it decided for him by Bengie Molina) that a hanging breaking ball would be a solid pitch to throw. And it was, if you were Pirates batter Delwyn Young who was pinch hitting. Young hit a towering fly ball into the right field seats which tied the game.

Thankfully, the Giants recovered in the top of the 10th with super human so awesome I shall call him Jesus Andres Torres leading off the inning with a double. He then promptly scooted down to third on a wild pitch which allowed Freddy Sanchez to knock him in with a sacrifice fly. Wilson returned to the mound for the bottom of the 10th and continued to struggle – resulting in BORK BORK BORK finally waking up from his mid 9th inning nap time just in time to pull Wilson. Santiago Casilla came in throwing darts and was able to secure the final two outs.

The Giants will be in Cincinnati for the next four before returning home for the second half of the Bay Bridge series.