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Giants Take 2 Of 3 From Nationals

By Bryan Rose

Well, it certainly wasn’t pretty by any stretch, but a series win is a series win. And despite what some might say, the Nationals are a vastly improved team from past seasons, so taking 2 of 3 isn’t anything anybody should look down upon.

Credit to Freddy Sanchez for a nice series as well as he played some impressive defense and had the two biggest at-bat’s of the series, both resulting in clutch RBI’s. Sanchez, despite the great defensive stops and big RBI’s had a pretty rough day yesterday though as he took a glove and spikes to the face on two separate plays – the spikes to the face looking incredibly painful.

Despite the win, the Giants were mere inches (if not less) from losing the game though as Adam Dunn blasted a moon-shot into right field that bounced on the cement right before the iron protection fence on the right field wall. Had the ball landed about two feet to the right onto the tin roof of Levi’s Landing, the ball would have been considered a homerun but park rules say the ball must hit or go over the iron protection fence to be considered a homerun. The end result became a double  rather than a two run homerun and the Giants escaped with the win.

The Arizona Diamondbacks come into AT&T Park after a rough series with the Rockies. They’re losing of four straight, including the sweep in Colorado. Edwin Jackson will take the mound for the Snakes in the series opener – Matt Cain for the Giants.